Special Travel – Orgainised Tours & Unique Transportation in Serbia

Regardless if you are visiting Serbia for Business or on your own arrangement, Talas-S provides two Special Travel services to enable the best possible experience for your visit to the region.

Orgainised Tours & Excursions

For example, take a Tour to Vojvodina and visit Ancient Castles. Explore Drvengrad or Experience the life style of peasants in nearby villages. Enjoy the history of Topola & Oplenac. Take the courage’s Rakia Tour. Give us your client preferences, and setup the best options.

Unique Transportation in Serbia

For individuals, groups or companies. From 1 person to groups of hundreds, experience Tito’s Blue Train, Century Buses, Old Timer Auto’s . Let us know if we can help you choose the best solution for your own private or Business river Cruise in Serbia Montenegro.

We also provide classical city tours and custom requests! These are unique experiences that cannot be booked via regular tours offered by other travel agencies. Feel free to contact us for more details, or simply ask for a custom made solution and contact us in advance.