Tavern Question Mark “?”

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Did you know Tavern “?” was built in 1823 as a property of Miloš Obrenović I, Prince of Serbia, designed by an unnamed Greek architect. It was first used by Macedonian diplomat and merchant Naum Ičko, after which Prince Miloš gave it to his personal doctor Toma Kostić known as Ećim Toma (ećim is a Turkish word for doctor) for his efforts during the Second Serbian Uprising.

Realizing its favorable location, Ećim Toma soon converted it into a tavern that was known around town as” Ećim Toma’s tavern”. During the early 1830s the tavern (Serbian “kafana”) was frequented by famous Serbian linguist and language reformer Vuk Stefanović Karadžić.

In 1878 its name was changed to “Kod pastira” (Shepherd’s). It got its present unusual name in 1892, during a dispute with the Serbian Orthodox Church authorities over the owner’s intention to change its name to “Kod Saborne crkve” ( Next to Belgrade Cathedral ), to which the church authorities vehemently protested, not wanting to see a cathedral’s name in the name of a tavern. So, as a temporary solution, the tavern’s owner put a question mark on the door, and it soon became the official name of the place. For a while, out of respect for the church, smoking was prohibited inside the tavern, but this didn’t last.

Today, you can enjoy in the authentic ambience of this XIX century restaurant, its music program and national food and drinks that are prepared in a traditional way.

Tavern “?” is located in the heart of Belgrade. Its atmosphere and its charm make it an iconic gathering place for Serbian bohemians. The offer of the restaurant includes the specialties of national cuisine and excellent drinks that are simply irresistible.

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