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Farmstead Serbia – a Pleasure for Your Senses!

Serbia has always been a place where many cultures and civilizations collide. Especially the northern province of Vojvodina is a place where East meets West and is home to a number of national minorities that live in a harmony, whilst keeping their own cultural identity.

Therefore, join the Talas Serbia DMC team in a new adventure and taste the different flavours during your gateway on a farmstead Serbia far from city crowds and noise.

Farmstead Serbia – Salas

The term “Salaš” (in Serbian) farmstead refers to an isolated village estate surrounded by avenues of trees protecting the backyard from wind and separating it from the fields around it. A group of about 400 salaš estates is located in the area of Čenej village, known for its outstanding fertility and abundance of dark soil. A farmstead in Serbia is a unique place if you wish to enjoy local food and drinks, authentic environment and local ethno music.

Antiques & Old Furniture

Houses on farmsteads in Serbia are packed with old furniture, antique movables and other interesting items decorating the colorful walls. It is the ideal place for incurable romantics and hedonists. Prepare all your culinary skills and knowledge because we will take part in a cooking workshop and make cakes and cookies from the old recipes known only to a few people in this part of Serbia.

Depending on the year season, some of the most famous delicious local specialities are prepared such as a strudel with poppy seeds and nuts or a kugloff cake. For those, who are not yet ready to place cooking caps on their heads, you may have an opportunity to discover the pleasure of taking a ride in horse-drawn carts or carriages and experience the serenity that is dominant in the contemporary life of people in this part of the country.

To enjoy the sunset in a relaxing atmosphere at a local farmstead Serbia surrounded by orchards and vegetable gardens, soothed by the sounds of the real nature some ingredients should be added:

Ingredients: Talas Serbia team and lot of enthusiasm, knowledge and passion.

The Talas S Team is impatiently waiting for you to share all the experience! Cheers!

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