Belgrade, Valuable Sights in Serbia’s Capital

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A Familiarization (Educational) Trip to Belgrade, Capital of Serbia

Just a few words to sum up the unforgettable moments during last weekend. Together with our partners we organised a Familiarization Trip to Belgrade for a delegation of business owners from France.

The vintage bus driven by the 79-year old chauffeur properly dressed in his traditional uniform, with black leather shoes and a typical chauffeur hat, shared very interesting and funny stories about the bus history, a rare gem of the past century. The old bus was used as a means of transportation to explore the colourful streets of Serbia’s capital, the city of Belgrade. We were undoubtedly noticed while passing through various parts of Belgrade city. We were greeted at every corner of the city. A real attraction for everyone cruising through the capital of Serbia.

One City, Two Rivers, Three Religions – A Lot of Passion in Belgrade

Belgrade Hospitality with Performance

The true Belgrade hospitality was absolutely incredible while staying at the luxurious “Square Nine” Hotel in Belgrade. Everyone enjoyed their stay so much that, it was quite difficult to leave the hotel the next morning.

During their stay, they were warmly welcomed by a group of young, talented artists who made an incredibly impressive fire performance!

String Quartet at Kalamegdan Fortress

Everyone was amazed and in a great mood as we were sipping cocktails at the Belgrade Fortress “Kalemegdan”.

While enjoying the notes of a charming string quartet the view overlooks the junction of the two rivers “Sava“ and the great “Dunabe”.

Evening Dinner at “Skadarlija”

The evening was reserved for the unconventional part of the city Belgrade called “Skadarlija”, an area where a vivid atmosphere of the past reigns surrounds you. The stone cobbled street leads to numerous restaurants where some of the most famous artists and intellectuals used to gather. While tasting an authentic Serbian plum brandy “Sljivovica” we were enjoying the delicious local specialities.

Royal Family Estate Palace Visit

At the end, we were greeted at the Royal Compound (Royal Family Palace Estate) where we could feel all the greatness of this country.

Here, the host explains about the many country secrets kept in an archive selection of old books.

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